D2R 2.6 ACT 1/2/3/5 Merc Gear Build Guide (Best Runewords, Armor, Weapons) (2023)

D2R 2.6 ACT 1/2/3/5 Merc Gear Build Guide (Best Runewords, Armor, Weapons) | Diablo 2 Resurrected Mercenary Setup

In this Diablo 2 Resurrectecd guide, we will look at both the new and the old ways to equip the mercenaries of the different acts. To avoid repetitions, we will clarify the basic things first and also have a look at the few items that most mercs can use.

D2R 2.6 Merc Base Gear Setup

First of all, let's take a view of the common gear and runewords that can be used for all mercs:

Weapon Stats To Look For Mercenaries in Diablo 2 Resurrected

Stats for Act 1, 2, 5 (Physical)

- % Life Leech

- Damage

- Increased Attack Speed

Stats for Act 3 (Mage)

- Skill Level

- Cast Rate

Common Stats

- Resists & Reduced Damage

- Faster Hit Recovery

- All Items can be Ethereal, Durability won't be consumed

Apart from the Act 3 mercenary, they all do physical weapon damage for staying alive without needing potions, again and again, they need life leech that's percent lifestyle per hit, the damage should be as high as possible of course and attack speed can also be a factor.

In addition, resistance and reduced damage will help, and hit recovery is also useful. There are many body armors that can be used on almost all mercenaries, some of them are also very cheap. Of course, all items for the mercenary can be serial, and the free sockets can be filled with resistance, attack speed, or more defense.

Best Body Armors (Runewords & Uniques) for All Merc

Depending on his needs, in the budget area, a few Runewords and uniques are very useful:

Duress - Duress has resistances hit recovery and extra damage

Treachery - Treachery has attack speed hit recovery and the Assassin skill fate that also gives resistance

Smoke - Smoke also has FHR and massive resistance

Hustle - The new runeword hustle only has 10% on all resistances but movement speed, attack speed, and hit recovery

Stone - The runeward stone shows off a high defense value much hit recovery and resistance

Duriel's Shell - Duriel's Shell is useful or Shaftstop because of the reduced damage

Fortitude - Fortitude is very popular in the high-budget range

Chain of Honor - For some builds, CoH is also very beneficial

Best Helms (Runewords & Uniques) for All Merc

A few helmets that every mercenary can wear:

Bulwark - The new Rune world Bulwark is very good at hit recovery, life leech, and reducing damage

Tal Rasha's Horadric Crest - It brings massive life leech, life, and resistance

Vampire Gaze - It has life leech and reduced damage

Crown of Thieves - It is also a great option for all mercs

Andariel's Visage - In the high-end,Andariel's Visage is of course a popular helmet with good attack speed, lifestole, and a decent strength bonus which some mercenary also might need sometimes, ideally an ethereal course, and with the 15 IAS 35 resistance Jewel.

D2R 2.6 New Mercenary Build

A new variant for all mercenaries is built with the helmet runeword Cure, we have the cleansing aura that will remove poison damage and curses quickly. For Life Leech, Chains of Honor comes into play here. in the budget area, there are also two possibilities: Skin of the Floyd One is an exceptional unique armor and Greyform is even a normal one, both have been upgraded to Elite here.

Now we go through all mercenaries act by act and look at what weapons we can use and what special solutions there are for the other slots.

D2R 2.6 Act 1 Huntress Builds (Best Runeword & Gear To Use)

  • Insight (Bow and Crossbows) - This is popular because of the meditation aura that regenerates your Mana

  • Harmony - It is a good option to give the Rogue some damage in the beginning

  • Faith - It is of course a strong but expensive option, the fanaticism Aura can sometimes help the player character crack an IAS breakpoint. Since patch 2.3, the huntress can also carry Amazon bows, so we can use the same gmbs as on a Boazon.

  • Mist - If you don't need attack speed but prefer a higher damage bonus it's better to give her a Mist bow, the damage bonus from fanaticism Aura is very strong for the one who has it but much weaker for the other party members, the concentration Aura, on the other hand, is equally strong for everyone.

  • Hand of Justice - The great but expensive way to equip the Act 1 mercenary, Hand of Justice in a bow then take a Dragon armor and a Flickering Flame helmet. The best is to hire a fire Huntress in that case.

D2R 2.6 Act 2 Guardian (Best Runeword & Gear To Use)

When choosing the aura, different options are useful depending on the build:

MightMercenary Gear

Weapon: Pride

Might Mercenaryincrease the damage to expenses approach you can give him the runeword Pride, then he has to damage auras at once.

PrayerMercenary Gear

Weapon: Insight

Prayer Mercenary is great when he uses Insight, Meditation is a Synergy to prayer, and you can use such a mercenary for strong Manner and life regeneration

Holy FreezeMercenary Gear

Weapon: Kelpie Snare

Helm: Blackhorn's Face

Holy Frost mercenary slows down the monsters around him, if you want to go extreme you can give him an upgraded Kelpie Snare and Blackhorn's Face. If you play a necromancer who casts the creepy fire and adds the clay golem you can go to the limit.

Infinity - An absolute classic is the Infinity Merc, the conviction Aura pulls down the monster's fire lightning and cult resistances by 85%, in addition, their defense value also drops by 83% but we think in combination with the Thunder charm we will only get 20 effectiveness, so that's less than -20% in the end.

Obedience - A cheap all-around weapon for the mercenary to inflict some damage is the runeworld Obedience, if you want to improve the attack rating of the group, you could also use a mercenary with Blast Aim. For more defense, take one with Defiance

Reaper Toll - Reaper Toll is a great solution against physically immune monsters because it casts the creepy Phi on the hit.

D2R 2.6 Act 3 Iron Wolves (Best Runeword & Gear To Use)

Now to the iron wolves from Act 3 which are unpopular as ever seriously, have you ever met someone with such a mercenary, you really have to feel sorry for ashara to take one of these wrecks. They are bad at supporting and staying alive is hard for them too. nevertheless who are socially inclined and absolutely would like to take care of an iron wolf will also get some tips.

Weapon: Spirit Crystal Sword + Spirit Monarch

Helm: Harlequin Crest

Armor: Skin of the Vipermagi

The fire mercenary is useful if you play a Melee character or a ranged fighter with the weapon then you benefit from Enchant which gives you a small fire damage bonus and some attack rating.

The lightning mercenary cast static field and the cult mercenary is an option because you can freeze monsters with classical spike, in any case, the Merc needs plus kills and cast great just like a usual Caster. If you were annoyed about finding a Harlequin Crest at least the Iron Wolf can be happy about it. The same applies to a Skin of the Vipermagi. Further, you could simply give the mercenary double Spirit, or if he hasn't enough strength for the Monarch maybe a Lidless Wall. Of course, you could also give him one of the elemental helmets like Nightwings, Griffin, or Flickering Flame.

D2R 2.6 Act 5 Barbarian Warriors (Best Runeword & Gear To Use)

Here we have four setups for Act 5 mercs, covering the budget and endgame options:

Variant 1

Weapon: Hustle, Lawbringer

Helm: Arreat's Face

We recommend one who has a frenzy so he can carry two weapons, very useful budget weapons are Lawbringer because of the creepy fire on attack and Hustle because of fanaticism Aura. With these two weapons, the Barbarian already does respectable damage Serial mystical and cryptic swords are excellent bases.

Variant 2

Weapon: Crescent Moon, Plague

The more expensive setup for Act 5 Merc is Plague which has the cleansing Aura and casts lower resistance on hits, since Infinity doesn't help with the element poison, this is especially useful for a character like to play Amazon, lower resistances pull down the poison resistances as well.

Variant 3

Weapon: Grief, Lat Wish

Helm: Arreat's Face

In the higher range, Grief and Last Wish which are of course extremely strong, the mercenary even can kill Diablo Alone. By the way, the Merc can also carry a Barb helmet so you could give him an area of space.

Variant 4

Weapon: Dual Hand of Justice

Armor: Dragon

Helm: Flickering Flame

A very extreme variant is set up with two-time Hand of Justice, Dragon, and Flickering Flame. As a melee fighter, the Barbarian athlete profits from the additional Melee fire damage Theora gives him. If you play a paladin with convict Aura the damage is really bad, you could also use a Barb helmet for the base here of course, that leads us to the end of the guide.


What is the best armor Runeword for Merc? ›

Forget about Fortitude, Treachery is the best Mercenary armor in the game.

What Runeword is best for Act 2 Merc armor? ›

Runewords for a mercenary are usually picked to improve survivability or to provide a supporting function to the player. The best runewords that improve survivability are Treachery, Fortitude, and Chains of Honor. The most popular runewords that support the player passively are Insight, Infinity, and Faith.

What is the best weapon for Merc in d2r? ›

An Ebotd offers the highest damage in the game for a 2-handed weapon, with significant stat and life leech benefits. This is a fantastic option to create a high damage Bash Merc that can sustain himself and deal crushing damage.

What is the best armor for Act 1 Merc in Diablo 2? ›

Demonhide Armor is one of my top favorite armors of all times. It simply has everything a mercenary needs to survive. +150-190% Enhanced Defense (varies) - massive defense while ethereal.

Why is fortitude the best merc armor? ›

Fortitude armor has good defense, a decent all resist boost and a juicy 300% enhanced DAMAGE mod which is multiplicative, and even more defense from the chilling armor. Plus you get a 20% average damage boost from critical strike. so enhanced damage on armor applies to the merc's weapon damage?

Is Fortitude the best armor for Merc? ›

Fortitude is not only a nearly-ubiquitous recommendation for Mercenary armor, it's also found in many Best in Slot (BiS) armor recommendations for several melee DPS builds.

Does armor matter for Merc d2? ›

No effect on mercs.

Is a Lionheart good merc armor? ›

Treachery, Duress, smoke, and lionheart are all fine choices IMO. Lionheart is nice and cheap, gives over 100 hp and 30% all res along with 25 str to get closer to an eth CV. I'd say Treachery or Duress are probably better though if you have the runes for them.

What is the best polearm for Merc? ›

The most used polearm is the Thresher because it requires less. But depending on your level+ “Andariel Mask”, any polearm will be used by your mercenary. Your mercenary needs to attack with good frequency + life steal to have good survival. That, combined with good armor, until you build a great Et Fortitude.

Why is treachery good for Merc d2r? ›

Treachery is most often used as relatively inexpensive Mercenary armor, when you want the Mercenary to be more offense-focused rather than defensive (in which case, Fortitude is the usual recommendation).

What is the best weapon for infinity runeword? ›

Thresher and Giant Thresher have the fastest speed and are considered the best type of polearm for infinity.

Does heavy armor affect Merc d2? ›

no mercs aren't affected by movement speed penalties. neither medium or heavy armor and/or shields will apply their penalties. light armor has no penalty anyways.

Is chains of honor good for merc? ›

Chains of Honor for Mercenaries

If you can afford a second set, by all means feel free to put Chains of Honor on your Mercenary. However, most people recommend the cheaper options of Fortitude or Treachery for that purpose.

What can act 3 merc equip? ›

Cold has Ice Bolt, Glacial Spike and Shiver Armor. Lightning has charge bolt, lightning and static field. Finally, Fire has firebolt, fire ball and enchant. Additionally, all 3 of them can use a sword, armor, helmet and a shield.

Is fortitude better than treachery on Merc? ›

Answer: Treachery is simply better than Fortitude. In ~80% of all cases when raw damage is applied, and better in ALL cases in which CB is applied.

What armor should I put fortitude in? ›

The best armor to make Fortitude in is a high-defense Archon Plate. For a mercenary, the best armor should be ethereal and ideally be superior. If you have a low level mercenary, it's best to also go for an Archon Plate.

Is obedience a good merc weapon? ›

It is equippable by Act 2 mercenaries, and is one of the best weapons available for them without needing to pay an arm and leg.

Does fortitude armor increase damage? ›

The short answer is yes, Enhanced Damage on Fortitude when put into your armor 100% boosts your Melee damage.

What is a perfect fortitude Runeword? ›

Fortitude is the rune word ' El Sol Dol Lo. ' for weapons or body armor in Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. It can be made both in weapon and armor and in both cases it increases both damage and defense, with even more defense stacked on top of that thanks to the auto-cast Chilling Armor.

What is the difference between fortitude sacred armor and Archon plate? ›

carcinogen: What's the big difference between archon plate and sacred armor? Archon plate is a “light” armor that has no speed penalty or stamina loss and defense varies between 410 and 524. Sacred Armor is “Medium” and has 50% stamina drain penalty and 5% speed loss and defense varies between 487 and 600.

Why is ethereal better for Merc? ›

Ethereal items can be highly sought after for a couple of reasons. First, ethereal items do not lose durability when equipped on a Mercenary. Therefore, it is possible for your Mercenary to reap the benefits of an ethereal item's increased power without worrying about it breaking.

Should I give armor to D? ›

Give him the armor. Note that if you do, he'll wake from his eternal (not so eternal now) slumber and murder Fia later in her quest. If you don't, he stays asleep and Fia remains alive through the end of the game.

Do merc items lose durability? ›

Items equipped by Mercenaries, Summons, the Ancients and turned into Iron Golem do not lose Durability.

Who is the best character for Merc whistle? ›

Byleth is by far the best choice for the Merc Whistle. You can use the Merc Whistle at any time after you obtain it, but make sure you use it before Chapter 15, as after that you won't have a chance to return to your base camp.

What is the best poison Nova Merc? ›

The best mercenary for Poison Nova Necromancers by far is the Act 2 Mercenary. Depending on your playstyle and build outside of the Poison Nova core, you might want to take the Nightmare Offense mercenary with you to increase your minion damage during leveling thanks to his Might aura.

What is the max level Merc? ›

Attributes (stats)

Each mercenary has three attributes: level, attack, and health. A mercenary can be leveled up by gaining experience by just playing, both in Travel Point and Fighting Pit. The max level of a mercenary is currently 30.

Can Merc wear sacred armor? ›

Your merc needs to be level 89 to use an eth sacred armor with a 29-30 rolled Andariel's visage, level 92 for min roll. I'd just use an eth Archon plate or similar unless you're already that high leveled.

Is Leviathan armor good? ›

Besides its very high defense and massive damage reduction, Leviathan is also known for its large boost to strength, perhaps one of the largest strength bonuses of a unique item. However, the armor requires 174 strength to equip, thus the primary reasons to use this armor becomes boosting melee damage.

Which 4-star polearm is best? ›

1) Deathmatch

Travelers can only get this 4-star weapon by buying the Gnostic Hymn for the Battle Pass. Thus, it can never be obtained by true F2P players. Nonetheless, its stats and passive are good for gamers seeking reliable damage. This Polearm is a terrific option for Genshin Impact players who need CRIT Rate.

Is polearm Master too good? ›

Polearm Master is a stellar feat for any character interested in melee combat. The most common builds looking for this feat are those that gain access to extra value from their attacks. Casters and ranged builds will want to look elsewhere as Polearm Master won't provide any value.

Are polearms better than spears? ›

There is no difference. A spear is a pole arm, but not all pole arms are spears. A pike, a poleaxe, a billhook, a halberd, and a spear are all pole arms. A spear is one type of pole arm.

Why is fortitude so good? ›

“Fortitude is the moral virtue that ensures firmness in difficulties and constancy in the pursuit of the good. It strengthens the resolve to resist temptations and to overcome obstacles in the moral life.

What does fade on treachery do? ›

Treachery has a 5% chance to cast a level 15 Fade when struck. Fade is a great way to increase survivability of any character, as it increases both elemental and physical resistances, and reduces curse duration.

What is the best use of Lo Rune? ›

A Lo rune is a high tier rune that can be socketed into armor and weapons in Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction and Diablo 2 Resurrected. A Lo rune provides +5% to Maximum Lightning Resist when inserted in shields or off-hands, body armor and headgear, and 20% Deadly Strike in weapons.

Where can I find a ber rune? ›

Sources. The Act 3 ( H ) Good treasure class has a chance to drop a Ber rune, as do higher Good treasure classes. In single-player, open or ladder games only, the Horadric Cube can transmute two Sur runes and one flawless amethyst into one Ber rune.

Why is infinity runeword so good? ›

The Conviction aura provided by Infinity maximizes the effects of the high-level Chain Lightning that the weapon produces. For nearly every character that deals elemental damage, this is the best mercenary weapon since it actively reduces resistances, vastly increasing the damage output of the character.

What is the strongest weapon in Rune Factory? ›

1 There Is No Weapon Stronger Than Heaven Asunder

Faint attacks are special attacks that defeat an enemy in one hit and with a 50% chance to inflict such an attack, Heaven Asunder will be killing enemies in one hit frequently, making it the most powerful weapon in all of Rune Factory 5.

Does heavy armor give you disadvantage? ›

If you wear armor that you lack proficiency with, you have disadvantage on any ability check, saving throw, or attack roll that involves Strength or Dexterity, and you can't cast spells.

Does arcane armor count as heavy armor? ›

The armor still counts as Medium or Heavy, regardless of STR requirement - same as if you wear Mithril Full Plate.

How many auras can a merc have? ›

Mercenaries can provide your Character with up to 2 Auras. Ethereal Items do not suffer from Durability loss when equipped on a Mercenary. Healing Potions, Rejuvenation Potions and Wells can heal a Mercenary.

What is the best merc runewords armor? ›

Diablo 2: 20 Best Runewords For Armor
  1. 1 Enigma (Jah + Ith + Ber) +2 To All Skills.
  2. 2 Stealth (Tal + Eth) Magic Damage Reduced By 3. ...
  3. 3 Chains of Honor (Dol + Um + Ber + Ist) ...
  4. 4 Bramble (Ral + Ohm + Sur + Eth) ...
  5. 5 Fortitude (El + Sol + Dol + Lo) ...
  6. 6 Smoke (Nef + Lum) ...
  7. 7 Duress (Shael + Um + Thul) ...
  8. 8 Peace (Shael + Thul + Amn) ...
Mar 1, 2023

Is Insight better than obedience for Merc? ›

Insight can achieve higher damage output, but Obedience does also boost your merc's resists and faster hit recovery.

What weapons can Merc use? ›

Weapons: Spears, Javelins, or Polearms. They can't equip Amazon-specific spears or javelins.

Is echoes Act 3 powerful? ›

Echoes Act 3 is super fast, able to create wind pressure just by moving. That is insane speed. Range: Downgrade from C to D. Unlike Acts 1 and 2, his range is only five meters which sadly brings it to D rank.

What armor is good for Merc treachery? ›

If you want to make it level-appropriate, either the Cuirass or Mage Plate will work nicely. For Mercenaries, if you can get a 3-socketed Ethereal armor, so much the better, since it will have better native Defense.

Does armor matter for Merc D2? ›

No effect on mercs.

What is the best merc armor D2 nightmare? ›

Fortitude is often considered the best mercenary armour in this regard giving you some all resistance (+25) alongside a great boost to damage and defence. Similarly Treachery can be a budget armour option which again provides a balance of defence (through Fade) and damage boosting stats (attack speed and Venom).

What is the best holy damage armor? ›

Crucible Tree Armor

Probably the most effective way of protecting oneself against holy damage in Elden Ring is by equipping the Crucible Tree Armour. The entire set can be found in the Deeproot Depths, which can be accessed through the Siofra Aqueduct after defeating the Valiant Gargoyle and resting in a coffin.

Does heavy armor reduce speed d2? ›

Heavy armor will decrease a character's Run/Walk by -0.6 y/s (10% of walk speed) and Charge by -1.5 y/s.

What is the best healer Merc? ›

For a healer merc, look to be certain that it has heals, cures, and rezzes (not all do!) The overall best-stats healer merc is the Golden Inquisitor. I got mine by purchasing the merc bauble from the broker.

Is duress good merc armor? ›

Duress is amazing Mercenary armor for the Act V Barbarian mercenaries, due to the boss-killing goodness of Crushing Blow and Open Wounds. The extra defense helps with their melee-fighting style. In Patch 2.4, they will also be able to dual wield, giving them twice the benefit on the offensive properties of this armor.

What is the best rune to put in armor? ›

Melee Build Runes
  • Great Rune Of Life (+14.9 Health) ...
  • Bulwark Rune (+2.7 Heavy Resistance) ...
  • Rune Of Protection (+2.7 Light Resistance) ...
  • Aegis Rune (+1.8 Elite Damage Resistance) ...
  • Shield Rune (+2.8 Melee Resistance) ...
  • Warrior Rune (+1.5 Melee Damage) ...
  • Brigandine Rune. ...
  • Mentor Rune.
Aug 30, 2021

What is the best base armor fortitude Runeword? ›

The best base for Fortitude is Archon Plate.

Why is monarch best spirit runeword? ›

For many end-game builds, Spirit is often made in a Monarch and is rolled many times to get 35% Faster Cast Rate, which is designed to allow most characters to reach a new breakpoint when using standard caster items.


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